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In the Amsterdam Rivierenbuurt, a hallmark building is the studio complex at the Zomerdijkstraat. A classified monument, the building was designed by the functionalist architects P. Zanstra, J.H.L. Giesen en K.L. Sijmons.

The building is a pivotal work in Dutch architecture of the early thirties. The architects were members of "Groep 32", strongly inspired by the work of Le Corbusier. They combined a functional architecture with artistic elements, of which the studio apartment block is a prime example.

Some of the artists working in the studios were (are): Gerrit Jan van der Veen, Paul Grégoire, Jan Wolkers, Cees Kortlang, Jaap Wagemaker, John Grosman, Jet Schepp, Piet Esser, Fred Carasso en Bernard de Wolff.