Cais do Sodré railway station

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Cais do Sodré train station

Cais do Sodré is the railway station in Lisbon, Portugal, serving westbound suburban route to Cascais resort. It is adjacent to the Lisbon Metro station of the same name which is the terminus for subway's Green Line (Linha da Caravela). It also has interchange to the ferry station of Transtejo & Soflusa company which offers ferries to Cacilhas, Seixal and Montijo. Recently, Cais do Sodre has been ridiculed because of its policy of charging to use the restroom. While common to charge to use the restroom in Europe, Cais do Sodre is unique in that there are multiple cafes in the station, none of which makes restrooms available to customers.

The complex is situated at Duque da Terceira square in central Lisbon on the bank of Tagus. Metro Station was opened on 18 August 1928. The architects of the building were Pedro Botelho and Nuno Teotónio Pereira. Metro station is decorated with works by abstract artist António Dacosta and is well known for having an underground waterfall.

On 28 May 1963, an accident due to structural collapse of the railway station roof caused the death of 50 persons.

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