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File:Centro Com. Colombo - Lisboa.jpg
View from the top floor - note the maritime artwork.

The Colombo Centre (Centro Colombo in Portuguese) is a shopping centre located in the parish of Carnide. It is very famous in Lisbon and attracts a lot of visitors. It is situated next to the Lusíada avenue and the Segunda Circular; there is a bus terminal next to the building and the metropolitan station Colégio Militar allows visitors easy access to the place.

It was opened on 15 September 1997.

The architecture of the space, as well as its original decoration, was themed to the time of the Age of Discovery, one of the periods most important of the history of Portugal. The squares and streets inside the centre have names alluding to the Elizabethan era, such as "Avenue of the Descobrimentos" and "Square Trópico de Câncer". From 2007 and 2009, the centre renovated its interior design completely, mixing contemporary concepts with the originals.

It has most of the shops you would expect, such as shoe shining, clothing stores, food stores, stationery stores, a chapel, supermarket, etc. Additionally there are cinemas, entertainment parks, sporadic exhibitions and gardens together with diverse restaurants. It is the biggest shopping centre of the Iberian Peninsula by total number of stores.<ref name="ref2101844092">Template:Cite web</ref>

The Towers of Colombo, which were seen in the initial project as an integral part of the Centro Colombo, were only started in 2007 due to an embargo from the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, which was ultimately decided in court. Torre Oriente was finished first and Torre Ocidente finished in 2011.

The Shopping Centre has 119 725 m2 and 404 stores.

This centre has been designed with environmental concerns in mind, therefore it has bins to deposit the different types of trash. It has more stores than any other shopping centre in Portugal, having stores as FNAC, Zara, Sport Zone, Vobis and Adidas Originals.



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