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Antigo Convento do Beato António (English: The Old Convent of Blessed Antonio), Convento de São Bento de Xabregas (English: St. Benedict of Xabregas' Convent) or commonly known as Convento do Beato (English: Convent of Beato) is a convent located in the Alameda Street of Beato parish in Lisbon, Portugal. The building is a site since 1984.


Construction of the building started in fifteenth century by order of the Afonso V of Portugal, as a gift to his first wife Isabella of Coimbra. Already there was a chapel of St. Benedict used by Bons Homens de Vilar, so they decided to replace this chapel with a hospice. Frei António da Conceição was commissioned as the chief of the project. In 1633, construction of convent's new chapel was completed.<ref name="construction">Template:Cite news</ref> 1755 Lisbon earthquake caused a little damage to the building.<ref name="disa">Template:Cite web</ref> The convent suffered a fire in 1840 and 2004, which destroyed about seventy percent of building. Building re-opened to the public in 2005. Since the late twentieth century building has been used cultural events and social causes. Internationally known German band Scorpions had one of the three concerts which recorded their 2001 live album, Acoustica in Convento do Beato.


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