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Template:For Template:Infobox settlement Fener is a neighborhood midway up the Golden Horn within the district of Fatih in Istanbul, Turkey. The streets in the area are full of historic wooden mansions, churches, and synagogues dating from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras. The area's name is a Turkish transliteration of the original Greek ???????? (a lighting lantern, a streetlight, a lightpost with a light lantern - from ?????: a lighting lantern; syn. ??????: light-torch, ?????: beacon, lighthouse) (Classical: phanárion, modern: fanári, "lantern"). It was so called for a column topped with a lantern which stood there in the Byzantine period - used as a public light or marine and/or other purpose locator/beacon.

After the Fall of Constantinople in 1453, the Fener district became home to many of the Greeks in the city. The Patriarchate of Constantinople moved to the area as well and is still located there. As a result, "Phanar(i)" (the traditional spelling) is often used as shorthand for the Ecumenical Patriarchate, just as "Vatican" is used for the Holy See of the Roman Catholic Church. During the Ottoman Empire, the Greek inhabitants of Fener were called "Phanariotes" and were important assistants to the Sultan in various capacities and offices. Wealthy Phanariotes were appointed as governors over provinces in Turkish Europe and Greece, and as voevodas of Wallachia and Moldavia between 1711 and 1821.

In 1941, a great fire destroyed the Patriarchal Palace in Fener; a new palace was erected in 1989 by P. Aggelopoulos.Template:Cn

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