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Template:Infobox restaurant Hünkar (Template:Lang-tr) is a restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey, founded in 1950 in Fatih and moved in 2000 to Ni?anta??, an upscale living and shopping neighborhood. At the same time, a branch was also opened in Etiler, another upscale quarter. The restaurants are owned and run by restaurateurs Talip Ügümü and his three sons, Feridun, Galip and Faruk.<ref name="minaercel">Template:Cite web</ref> In 2007, Hünkar was chosen 99th of the world's top 100 restaurants by the British Magazine Restaurant.

Named after the Ottoman Turkish word Hünkar for sovereign or sultan, the restaurant specializes in typical traditional Ottoman-Turkish cuisine. The restaurant's specialty, "Hünkar Be?endi" (literally: admired by the sultan), a traditional dish prepared of crunchy lamb on a bed of mashed eggplants, associates the establishment's name as well.

The kitchen in Ni?anta??, run by the executive chef Feridun Ügümü, offers around 30 to 35 different dishes cooked daily using seasonal vegetables and fish. Warm dishes are displayed at the counter in front of the kitchen, where customers can choose their dishes on arrival. Specialties include dishes from Istanbul and Anatolia, Cyprus, Greece, Circassia and Armenia.<ref name="minaercel" />



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