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Hürlimann Brewery is a former brewery in Zürich, Switzerland, now owned by the Rheinfelden, Aargau based brewery Feldschlösschen, which is owned by Carlsberg.

Hurlimann was founded in 1836 by Albert Hürlimann, and its management was in the same family for five generations. Hurlimann was one of the principal brewing companies of Switzerland (the other big ones being Haldengut, Feldschlosschen and Cardinal Brewery).

The founder who was a world leader in the scientific study of yeast, and the brewery had a long history of yeast development.

It brewed the extremely potent beer Samichlaus. Feldschlösschen-Hürlimann-Gruppe was sold to Carlsberg in November 2000.

Hürlimann is now brewed by Shepherd Neame to its original recipe.



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