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IONIS School of Technology and Management (IONIS STM) is a French private graduate school in information technology, computer science, energy, biotechnology and management.<ref name="capcampus">Template:Fr icon Ionis School of Technology and Management (Ionis-STM)</ref> It has been created in 2009 and is located in Ivry-sur-Seine<ref name="Studyrama">Template:Fr icon « Ionis School of Technology and Management forme des cadres managériaux et techniques »</ref>Template:,.

The school delivers 14 MBA recognized by French StateTemplate:,Template:, and has the particularity to teach both technical and management aspectsTemplate:,. It is one of the only university in France to teach these both aspectsTemplate:,.

Another particularity of the school is to admit students holder of a Bachelor, a Master or a Ph.D<ref name="iquesta">Template:Fr icon Ionis-STM</ref>Template:,.


In 2002, the grande école EPITA creates specialization programs called Mastères EPITA. After 7 years, IONIS Education Group decided to create a separate to school for all the specializations and to extend them to new sectors.<ref name="Studyrama"/> Then, all the programs taught are in partnership with other universities : École Pour l'Informatique et les Techniques Avancées for information technology and computer science, Institut supérieur de gestion for management, ESME-Sudria for energy and Institut Sup'Biotech de Paris for biotechnology.

Since 2013, IONIS Education Group wants to develop day release or night school education for employees provided by companies by developing programs based on the 14 Masters of Business Administration of the university.


The course is in two years after a Bachelor's degree. The school admits students after a two-years studies. In that case, the course is in one more year, called "preparatory year". Students can also enter in the school after a Master's degree. The preparatory year is a general course studies in management and computer science, including lessons corresponding to the specialization followed. The year ends by a three-months internship.<ref name="capcampus"/> After a Bachelor's degree, students are split in four specializations : information technology, computer science, energy, biotechnology. From October to June, they follow an academic programme and then perform a six-months internship. During the last year of the curriculum, five months (February to June) are for academic studies.<ref name="iquesta"/> A program me called "intensive program me" is for Master or a Ph.D graduates or for people with a significant work experience. The course begins with a period of lessons divided into two parts : the fundamentals of business life and specialized courses oriented business which led each vocational track. After that, a six-months internship is proposed.<ref name="letudiant"/>

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