Igreja de São Domingos (Lisbon)

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Igreja de São Domingos is a church in Lisbon, Portugal. It is classified as a National Monument.<ref name="monument">Template:Cite web</ref>

The church was dedicated in 1241 and was, at one time, the largest church in Lisbon.<ref name="catenc">Template:Cite encyclopedia</ref> Prior to the establishment of the modern Portuguese republic in 1910, the church typically hosted Portuguese royal weddings.<ref name=catenc/> Formerly the home of the Inquisition, Jesuit missionary Gabriel Malagrida was famously executed at the church in 1761 after being accused of treason.<ref name=catenc/>

The church was damaged by the 1531 Lisbon earthquake and almost completely destroyed in the 1755 earthquake. Rebuilding began quickly but wasn't completed until 1807.<ref name="esta">Template:Cite book</ref> In 1959 the church was devastated once more when a fire broke out in the building.<ref name="itn">Template:Cite news</ref> The fire, which killed two firemen, took more than six hours to extinguish and completely gutted the church, destroying many important paintings and statues.<ref name=itn/> In 1994 the church reopened.<ref name="afar">Template:Cite web</ref> The restoration left many signs of the fire in place.<ref name=afar/>



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