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The Istanbul Naval Museum (Turkish: ?stanbul Deniz Müzesi) is a national naval museum of the Republic of Turkey, located in Istanbul. It was established in 1897<ref name="Salzman">The World of Learning 2004 by Michael Salzman p.1670</ref> by the Ottoman Minister of Navy Bozcaadal? Hasan Hüsnü Pa?a.

The museum contains an important collection of military artifacts pertaining to the Ottoman Navy.<ref name="Salzman"/>

File:Deniz Muzesi Naval Museam.jpg
Garden of the Istanbul Naval Museum.

The museum is located on Hayrettin ?skelesi Sok.80690 Be?ikta?, Istanbul, near the Be?ikta? ferry. In the field of maritime, it is Turkey's largest museum, with a great variety of collections. Around 20.000 pieces are present in its collection. Being connected to the sea-forces commander in Turkey, it is also the country's first military museum.

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