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The Arlequin is a cinema in Paris, noted for its spacious modernist main theatre and its former role as a showcase of Soviet film.


Opened in 1934 as the Lux Rennes, the cinema was situated in the building of its patron, the Compagnie parisienne d'électricité. The art-deco, air-conditioned 500-seat theatre, with 12-metre screen and adjacent bar, was somewhat luxurious for the period.<ref name="potignon"/>Template:Rp

In 1962 Jacques Tati acquired the cinema and renamed it L'Arlequin. In 1978 it was bought by a company specialised in import-export with the USSR, which changed its name to Le Cosmos and focused its programming on Soviet films. L'Arlequin regained its current name in 1992.<ref name="potignon"/>Template:Rp

Two screens were added in 1998 with the incorporation of part of an adjacent cabaret theatre.<ref name="potignon"/>Template:Rp


L'Arlequin is known for its specialisation in German and Russian films.<ref name="potignon"/>Template:Rp