Lutherse Kerk, Haarlem

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File:Haarlem - Lutherse kerk.jpg
The Lutherse kerk in Haarlem.

The Lutherse kerk in Haarlem is a Lutheran church dating from the 17th century on the Witteheren straat in Haarlem, Netherlands.


300px is situated on the north side of the church, with several rooms (left) attached to the church itself. In the back of the small houses is the Regent's room with outdoor pulpit.]] The Lutheran church was built in 1615 on the site of the older "Witheren" monastery that itself was demolished after the Protestant reformation of the 16th century.<ref name=Rijks>Rijksmonument report</ref> In the second half of the 19th century a new facade was built.<ref name=Rijks/> The French mechanical clock in the tower is from 1892.<ref name=Rijks/> The organ was built in 1882 by J. Strobel to replace a Batz organ made in 1790.<ref name=Rijks/>

The church was originally a schuilkerk, hidden from view, but today can easily be seen from the street. Template:Commonscat



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