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The M4 Kad?köy - Kaynarca is a rapid transit line on the ?stanbul Metro system, currently in partial service. As of 2013, the M4 is the only rapid transit line on the Asian side of ?stanbul.

The line, which is all under ground, starts at Kad?köy on the seashore near the ferry and sea bus terminals, continues north parallel to the Haydarpa?a-Gebze Line until Ayr?l?kçe?mesi, and then runs along the highway Template:TUR-D.

On 17 August 2012, the line opened as far as to Kartal without Ayr?l?kçe?mesi Station complex, where Marmaray connects with M4. On 29 October 2013, Ayr?l?kçe?mesi Station Complex opened with Marmaray connection.


A plan to build a subway line on the Asian side of ?stanbul was approved in 2005. In 2008, a Template:Euro751 million construction contract was awarded to a consortium of Astaldi, Makyol and Gülermak. The rolling stock was ordered from the Spanish company CAF. In mid-2010, the construction of the tunnels was completes, and the track laying started. The route has connections with TCDD's Marmaray system at Ayr?l?kçe?mesi and the ?stanbul Metrobus system at Ünalan. Scheduled opening date was December 2011 up to Kartal, however it was postponed due to signalization works.


The stations Kad?köy, Ayr?l?kçe?mesi, Ünalan and Göztepe are situated below sea level. The average distance between the stations is Template:Convert. The distance between the stations at Maltepe and Huzurevi is the shortest at Template:Convert. The distance between Bostanc? and Küçükyal? is the longest with Template:Convert. The operations control center of the line is situated in Esenkent, and the depot is located in Maltepe. Another depot is to be built in Kaynarca at a later date.<ref name="ibb">Template:Cite web</ref>

Train frequency is currently every 150 seconds, and will be shortened to 90 seconds later on. Trains remain at stations for an average of 20 seconds. Four-car trains have a 1,000 passenger capacity and eight-car trains the double capacity. Ridership in one direction is 70,000 passengers hourly. Total travel time of the entire line is 30 minutes.<ref name="ibb"/>

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