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Maltepe University (Template:Lang-tr) is a private university located in Maltepe district of Istanbul, Turkey. It was established on July 9, 1997 by "Istanbul Marmara Education Foundation" (?MEV). The institution has a broad scope of education starting from the elementary level to university. The first students graduated in June 2001.

Medium of teaching

Turkish is chosen as the medium of teaching, unlike many other private universities in Turkey, with the belief that an individual can best learn and perform in the mother tongue. However, having the awareness that English is indispensable in the international scientific arena, the university includes an English teaching program. Those students who are not exempt in the proficiency exam of the English language department enroll in the two-semester intensive English preparatory program. All students take compulsory English courses during their undergraduate education.

Academic programs

Undergraduate programs
  • Faculty of paedagogy (psychological guidance, English language)
  • Faculty of natural sciences and literature (philosophy, mathematics, psychology)
  • Faculty of fine arts (acting, film, plastic arts, cartoon making-animation, photography)
  • Faculty of law
  • Faculty of economics and business administration (economics, business administration, international relations and European Union)
  • Faculty of communication sciences (visual communication and design, public relations and publicity, radio-cinema-TV)
  • Faculty of architecture (graphic design, interior decoration, architecture)
  • Faculty of engineering (computer engineering, electronics, industrial engineering)
  • Faculty of medicine (Nursing)
Vocational school
  • Radio–TV programming
  • Tourism and hotel management
  • Computer technology and programming
  • Film production techniques
Post-graduate and doctorate programs
  • Institute of social sciences (education administration, economics policy, business administration, law, psychology, human sciences, philosophy, radio-cinema-TV)
  • Institute of natural sciences (computer science, industrial engineering, mathematics, architecture, civil engineering-earthquake engineering)
  • Atatürk's reforms and history of the Republic of Turkey
  • Foreign languages

Academic staff

As of 2003 academic year, the university holds 300 teaching staff of which 205 are full time.


Maltepe University has three campuses. The main campus in Maltepe E?itim Köyü (Maltepe Education Village), located at Maltepe, Büyükbakkalköy, was opened in September 2003. The President's Office and administrative units are situated on this campus, which extends over an area of 100 hectares comprising faculty buildings, indoor/outdoor sports facilities, an olympic-size swimming pool and student social activities centers.

The university's Dragos campus is located at Dragos, close to the shore on an area of 15,000 m². The Vocational School, The Science Institute, The Social Sciences Institute and The Continuous Education Center are all located on this campus.

The Faculty of medicine and its hospital, which serves its students as an application hospital, are both located in Maltepe, on the campus where the university was first founded.

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