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File:Max Linder Panorama cinema.jpg
Interior of Max Linder Panorama

The Max Linder Panorama is a cinema in Paris. It has been described as "one of the most beautiful Parisian movie theatres".<ref name="potignon"/>Template:Rp


Inaugurated in 1912, the venue was quickly acquired by Max Linder, a pioneer of burlesque cinema.<ref name="potignon"/>Template:Rp

Threatened with closure in the 1980s, the Max Linder was bought by a group of cinephiles with a view to restoration. Rather than subdividing the available space to allow for additional smaller screens (a popular solution at the time), the owners elected to preserve the original theatre and install a curved panoramic screen.<ref name="potignon"/>Template:Rp

The cinema's screen, 18m wide, is one of the largest in Paris.<ref name="potignon"/>Template:Rp


The Max Linder specialises in spectacular international productions, animations, and retrospectives.<ref name="potignon"/>Template:Rp



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