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The Merville Gun Battery was a coastal fortification in Normandy, France, in use as part of the Nazis' Atlantic Wall built to defend continental Europe from Allied invasion. It was a particularly heavily fortified position and one of the first places to be attacked by Allied forces during the Normandy Landings commonly known as D-Day.



The Merville Battery was composed of four Template:Convert steel-reinforced concrete gun casemates, built by the Todt Organisation. Each was designed to protect First World War-vintage 14/19 Tschechisch 100 mm guns. Other buildings on the site included a command bunker, a building to accommodate the men, and ammunition magazines. During a visit on 6 March 1944, to inspect the defences, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel ordered the builders to work faster, and by May 1944, the last two casemates were completed.<ref name=merville>Template:Cite web</ref>

The battery was defended by a 20 mm anti-aircraft gun and several machine guns in 15 gun positions, all enclosed in an area Template:Convert surrounded by two barbed wire obstacles Template:Convert thick by Template:Convert high, which also acted as the exterior border for a Template:Convert minefield. Another obstacle was an anti-tank ditch covering any approach from the nearby coast.<ref name="Gregory108">Gregory 1979, p. 108</ref>




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