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Template:Infobox airport Montijo Air Base (Template:Lang-pt) Template:Airport codes, officially known as Air Base No. 6 (Template:Lang-pt, BA6), is a military air base located in the Montijo Municipality, Portugal. The base is home to three transport squadrons and one helicopter search and rescue squadron and provides logistic support to the Portuguese Navy's helicopters based there.


The Montijo Air Base dates back to the creation of the "Sacadura Cabral" Naval Aviation Centre of the Portuguese Navy's Naval Aviation in the 1930s. In 1952, with the creation of the Portuguese Air Force, all aviation infrastructures and units of the Army and Navy were merged and their independent air arms were extinguished.<ref name="briefhist" />

On March 3, 1953, the Centre was officially re-designated as Air Base No. 6.<ref name="ba6ant" /> However, within the Air Force an independent group originating from the Naval Aviation units, known as "Forças Aeronavais", continued to operate from BA6 in the anti-submarine role. Only by late 1956, early 1957, was the integration of these units in the Air Force complete, with some personnel returning to the Navy and others staying in the Air Force.<ref name="briefhist" />

In 1993, with the arrival of the Portuguese Navy's first Westland Super Lynx Mk.95 for the Vasco da Gama-class frigates, the air base became home to a naval helicopter squadron.<ref name="briefhist" />

The Air Force Survival Training Center (Template:Lang-pt, CTSFA) is based at BA6 with the mission of training Air Force personnel in survival and individual rescue, including in nuclear, radiologic, biologic or chemical warfare environments, as well Explosive Ordnance Disposal.<ref name="ba6ant" />

Tenant units

  • Portuguese Air Force
    • 501 Sqn. "Bisontes" (Bisons) — tactical transport squadron
    • 502 Sqn. "Elefantes" (Elephants) — tactical and general transport squadron
    • 504 Sqn. "Linces" (Lynxes) — VIP and MEDEVAC transport squadron
    • 751 Sqn. "Pumas" (Pumas) — search and rescue squadron
  • Portuguese Navy
    • Esquadrilha de Helicópteros da Marinha (Navy Helicopter Squadron)

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