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Template:More footnotes Template:Infobox Historic Site The Obélisque d'Arles ("Arles Obelisk") is a 4th-century Roman obelisk, erected in the center of the Place de la République, in front of the town hall of Arles, France.


The obelisk is made of red granite from Asia Minor. It does not feature any inscription. Its height together with its pedestal is approximately 20 m.


The obelisk was first erected under the Roman emperor Constantine II in the center of the spina of the Roman circus of Arles. After the circus was abandoned in the 6th century, the obelisk fell down and was broken in two parts.

It was rediscovered in 14th century. And it was re-erected in its current location in 17th century on top of a pedestal designed by Jacques Peytret.

A fountain in the left photograph was designed by Antoine Laurent Dantan in 19th century.


This obelisk was listed on the 1840 inventory of historic sites in France.<ref name=monumenthistorique>Base Mérimée entry</ref> It is part of a 1981-designated UNESCO world heritage site, the Arles, Roman and Romanesque Monuments.

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