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Pantin (Template:IPA-fr) is a commune in the northeastern suburbs of Paris, France. It is located Template:Convert from the centre of Paris. It is one of the most densely populated municipalities in Europe. Its post code is 93500. The city is located on the edge of Paris and is mainly formed by a plain crossed by national roadway 2 and 3, the railway line Paris–Strasbourg and Ourcq canal.


Pantin borders the Paris inner ring road (périphérique) and is traversed by national routes N2 and N3, as well as the Paris-Strasbourg railway line and the Ourcq canal.


The name Pantin was recorded for the first time in 1067 as Pentini, perhaps from the Roman patronym Pentinus, a variant of Pantaenus or Repentinus, but this etymology is not certain.


On 1 January 1860, the city of Paris was enlarged by annexing neighbouring communes. On that occasion, a small part of the commune of Pantin was annexed to Paris.

On 24 July 1867, a part of the territory of Pantin was detached and merged with a part of the territory of Romainville and a part of the territory of Bagnolet to create the commune of Les Lilas.

By 1875, the Ourcq canal and new railway lines served to divide the town into two parts—the "Village" and the "Quatre Chemins".




The recent construction of a science park along the Bassin de la Villette on the former site of city abattoirs has improved pedestrian access to Paris, as well as encouraging urban regeneration in Pantin itself. A key policy discussed since the 2008 mayoral election has been the possibility of integrating the ten banlieue towns of Bagnolet, Les Lilas, Le Pré-Saint-Gervais, Romainville, Pantin, Noisy-le-Sec, Montreuil, Bobigny, Bondy and Rosny-sous-Bois into an "intercommune" of around 440,000 people. This new municipality could be created as early as January 2010. This project was implemented, it gathers nine communes.




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File:Grands Moulins de Pantin.jpg
Pantin Mills, headquarters of BNP Paribas Securities Services since 2009.

Pantin was once the site of Motobecane's operations. 2000 companies are located in Pantin, including 21 of more than 100 employees. Huge firms are located in the town, like Hermès (580 jobs - upholstery and luxury luggage), Bourjois, Chanel, Gucci, Agnès b., Sergent-Major, Elis (500 jobs - linen rental), Forclum, UTB (400 jobs - public works), Photovista Legrand, BNP Paribas, Boiron, Alliance Healthcare, Vetura, Fabio Lucci ... and publishers as computer Software Arkeia Software and MT Software.

3000 employees of BNP Paribas Securities Services were installed in the historic building Grands Moulins de Pantin at the end of October 2009.

Hermès conducts an expansion project in the city center.

The city has created a "craft center" to "4 Chemins" especially with the House Revel to promote arts jobs.


Pantin is divided into two cantons:

  • The canton of Pantin-Est (East) counts 28,626 inhabitants (57.3%);
  • The canton of Pantin-Ouest (West) counts 21,293 inhabitants (42.7%).

The current mayor of Pantin is Bertrand Kern of the Parti Socialiste (PS). Kern was recently re-elected for a second 6-year mayoral term.


Pantin is served by three stations on Paris Metro line 5: Hoche, Église de Pantin, and Bobigny – Pantin – Raymond Queneau.

Pantin is also served by Aubervilliers – Pantin – Quatre Chemins station on Paris Metro line 7.

Pantin is also served by Pantin station on Paris RER line E.

Finally Pantin is served by numerous bus lines (151, 152, 249, 148). Outside the hours of normal public transport the town is served by the N13 and N142 Noctilien night bus services with stops outside the Centre de la Danse, the Mairie and Rue Delizy.


  • Jean-François Joseph Geffrard de La Motte, count de Sanois, was Lord of Pantin before the Revolution.
  • Beaumarchais, writer, owned land in Pantin
  • La Guimard (1743–1816), danser of the Opera
  • Léon Jouhaux (1879–1954), syndicalist and Nobel Peace
  • Jean-Marc Mormeck (born in 1972), boxing champion

Pantin was the birthplace of:

  • Pierre Desproges (1939–1988), humorist
  • Philippe Delorme (born 1960), historian and journalist
  • Jérôme Guedj (born 1972), politician
  • Gabriel Obertan (born 1989), footballer playing for Newcastle United


Pantin is twin cities with the Modigliani Art Center in Scandicci, a suburb of Florence, Italy, which inaugurated their XXXIV Year Salon of Painting with the Pantin art association, Les Amis des Arts.


  • Reformed church
  • Catholic church
  • Macedonian Orthodox church

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