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right The Crémerie-Restaurant Polidor is a historic restaurant in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris. Its predecessor was founded in 1845, and it has had its present name since the beginning of the 20th century. The interior of the restaurant is basically unchanged for over 100 years, and the style of cooking remains that of the late 19th century. The Polidor is located at 41, rue Monsieur-le-Prince in the Odéon area, near the Jardin du Luxembourg. Its name derives from the cream desserts it served in former decades. Most diners sit at long, shared tables, with communal saltcellars and pots of mustard. Its bathroom, unchanged for decades, has been described as "legendary."

In addition to its decor and cuisine, the Polidor is best known for its illustrious clientele. It is said to have been a favourite of André Gide's, as well as hosting James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, Antonin Artaud, Jack Kerouac, and Henry Miller. It is also known for being the meeting place for the Collège de ’Pataphysique, and its principals, French writers Luc Étienne and Raymond Queneau.

The Polidor remains one of the most popular restaurants on the Left Bank, particularly among students at the nearby University of Paris (Sorbonne) and Collège de France.

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In Woody Allen's 2011 Midnight in Paris, the film's main character played by Owen Wilson, met Hemingway in his reverie at Polidor.