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The Technical University of Lisbon (UTLTemplate:Lang-pt, Template:IPA-pt) was a Portuguese public university. It was created in 1930 in Lisbon, as a confederation of preexisting schools, and comprised the faculties and institutes of veterinary medicine; agricultural sciences; economics and business administration; engineering, social and political sciences; architecture; and human kinetics.

On July 25, 2013, it merged with the older University of Lisbon (1911–2013) and was incorporated in the new University of Lisbon.


The faculties offer all levels of academic degrees in a wide range of fields, ranging from veterinary medicine to agricultural sciences to engineering to political science to sporting management.

Notable alumni

People who have been awarded a degree by the Technical University of Lisbon or otherwise have attended this university, include:

  • Alberto Romão Dias, Researcher, university professor.
  • Álvaro Siza Vieira, Architect, university professor, Pritzker Prize 1992.
  • António Borges (economist), Vice President of Goldman Sachs International
  • Amílcar Cabral, Guinea-Bissauan independentist, guerrilla, agronomist.
  • António Câmara, Entrepreneur, university professor, civil engineer.
  • Aníbal Cavaco Silva, President of Republic, Prime Minister, university professor, economist.
  • António Guterres, Prime Minister, politician, electrical engineer.
  • Bagão Félix, Minister, politician, economist.
  • Bento de Jesus Caraça, Antifascist resistance, mathematician and economist.
  • Carlos Carvalhas, Communist Leader, politician, economist.
  • Carlos Queiroz, Portuguese national team's coach, football manager, physical educator.
  • Dom Duarte, 24th Duke of Braganza (Portuguese Duque de Bragança), claimant to the throne of Portugal, agronomist.
  • Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, Socialist Leader, politician, economist.
  • Fernando Ulrich, financial manager, banking administrator (did not graduate).
  • Francisco Louçã, Trotskyist Leader, politician, university professor, economist.
  • Jaime Nogueira Pinto, writer and university professor.
  • Jesualdo Ferreira, football manager, physical educator.
  • José Mourinho, football manager, physical educator.
  • Manuel Pinho, politician and economist
  • Manuela Ferreira Leite Social Democrat Leader, minister, politician, economist.
  • Maria de Lurdes Pintasilgo, Prime Minister, politician, chemical engineer.
  • Mariano Gago, minister, politician, university professor, scientist, electrical engineer.
  • Nelo Vingada, football manager, physical educator.
  • Nuno Crato, university professor, researcher, writer, mathematician and economist.
  • Susana Feitor, racewalker.
  • Tim, musician, vocalist of Xutos & Pontapés, agronomist.
  • Vitor Constâncio, Central Bank Governor, politician, economist.

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