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Template:Infobox cemetery The Ulus Sephardi Jewish Cemetery (Template:Lang-tr) or Arnavutköy Jewish Cemetery (Template:Lang-tr) is a burial ground of the Sephardi Jewish community in Istanbul, Turkey. It was established in 1901 during the Ottoman Empire era in Arnavutköy neighborhood of Be?ikta? district on the city's European side.<ref name="tjc">Template:Cite web</ref>

The cemetery is situated today in an area, which developed in the history from a countryside to an upscale neighborhood called Ulus. Its initial name Arnavutköy Jewish Cemetery is still in use today. It was reported that due to the location of the cemetery in the city's one of the most expensive quarters, only wealthy people are interred in the ultra-luxury Ulus Cemetery while people, who can not afford the very high amount of donation requested for a resting place, are transferred to the cemetery in Kilyos, which lies around Template:Convert far away from the city center in northern part of Istanbul. The religious burial service is provided at site by the Neve Shalom Synagogue Foundation, which also carries out the maintenance of the cemetery.<ref name="tjc"/>

There exist another Jewish cemetery in Ulus, the Ulus Ashkenazi Jewish Cemetery (Template:Lang-tr), which is reserved for Ashkenazi Jews. It is about Template:Convert south of the Sephardi Jewish Cemetery on the same street.

Some other Jewish cemeteries in Istanbul are:

  • Ba?larba?? Jewish Cemetery (Ba?larba?? Musevi Mezarl???)
  • Hasköy Karaite Jewish Cemetery (Hasköy Karaim Musevi Mezarl???)
  • Hasköy Sephardi Jews Cemetery (Hasköy Sefarad Musevi Mezarl???)
  • Judeo-Italiano Community Cemetery (?talyan Musevi Cemaati Mezarl???
  • Kilyos Jewish Cemetery (Kilyos Musevi Mezarl???)
  • Kuzguncuk Nakka?tepe Jewish Cemetery (Kuzguncuk Nakka?tepe Musevi Mezarl???)
  • Ortaköy Jewish Cemetery (Ortaköy Musevi Mezarl???)

Notable burials

  • David Asseo (1914–2002), Hakham Bashi (or Chief Rabbi) of the Republic of Turkey from 1960 until his death
  • Monik Benardete (1950-2010), celebrity and phianthropist
  • Üzeyir Garih (1929-2001), businessman and cofounder of Alarko Holding
  • Vitali Hakko (1913–2007), businessman and founder of the Vakko clothing business

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