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Template:Infobox Cemetery The Zincirlikuyu Cemetery (Template:Lang-tr) is a modern burial ground at the European part of Istanbul, Turkey. It is administered by the Metropolitan Municipality. Many prominent figures from the world of politics, business, sports and arts rest here.

The cemetery is located in the ?i?li district between Esentepe and Levent neighborhoods. It is Istanbul’s first cemetery established in a contemporary structure. Planned in 1935, the burial place reached in the 1950s to its boundaries of today. It has an area of Template:Convert, which is full, excluding family graves.

A mosque within the cemetery, built and donated by the Turkish entrepreneur ?brahim Bodur, was opened to service on April 2, 2004. The mosque is specially constructed for burial prayers, and has a capacity of 500 people.

The office of the ?stanbul Cemeteries Administration is located in the building at the entrance of the cemetery.

Over the gate of the cemetery a verse from the Qur'an reminds "Her canl? ölümü tadacakt?r" (Template:Lang-en).

Notable burials

File:Zincirlikuyu mezarlar2.JPG
Graves at Zincirlikuyu Cemetery

Listed in alphabetical order of family names:

  • Sait Faik Abas?yan?k (1906–1954), author
  • Y?ld?r?m Aktuna (1930–2007), psychiatrist and politician
  • Sadri Al???k (1925–1995), film actor
  • Cahit Aral (1927–2011), engineer and former government minister
  • O?uz Aral (1936–2004), political cartoonist
  • Duygu Asena (1946–2006), columnist, best seller author and activist for women’s rights
  • Turhan Baytop (1920–2002), botanist
  • Ekrem Bora (1934-2012), film actor
  • Behice Boran (1910–1987), Marxist sociologist, politician and author
  • Orhan Boran (1928-2012), comedian, radio and TV host
  • R?za Tevfik Bölükba?? (1869–1949), philosopher, poet and politician
  •  ?hsan Sabri Ça?layangil (1908–1993), politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the Senate
  • Faruk Nafiz Çaml?bel (1898–1973), poet and politician
  • Belgin Doruk (1936–1995), film actress
  • Nejat Eczac?ba?? (1913–1993), chemist and businessman
  •  ?akir Eczac?ba?? (1929–2010), pharmacist, photographer and businessman
  • Çetin Emeç (1935–1990), journalist
  • Nihat Erim (1912–1980), jurist, politician and Prime minister
  • Muhsin Ertu?rul (1892–1979), actor and director
  • Defne Joy Foster (1975–2011), actress, presenter, VJ
  • Aysel Gürel (1929–2008), actress and lyricist<ref name=tdn>Template:Cite news</ref>
  • Müslüm Gürses (1953-2013), singer and actor
  • R?fat Ilgaz (1911–1993), poet and story writer
  • Ayhan I??k (1929–1979), film actor
  • Erdal ?nönü (1926–2007), scientist and statesman
  • Abdi ?pekçi (1929–1979), journalist and intellectuel
  •  ?smail Cem ?pekçi (1940–2007), politician, journalist and statesman
  • Remzi Ayd?n Jöntürk (1936–1987), film director, film producer, screenwriter, painter and poet
  • Feridun Karakaya (1928-2004), comedy actor
  • Ömer Kavur (1944–2005), film director, film producer and screenwriter
  • Orhan Kemal (1914–1970), novelist
  • Ali K?l?ç<ref name="TPT423">Türk Parlamento Tarihi Ara?t?rma Grubu, Türk Parlamento Tarihi, Millî Mücadele ve T.B.M.B. I. Dönem 1919-1923 - III. Cilt: I. Dönem Milletvekillerin Özgeçmi?leri, Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi Vakf? Yay?nlar?, Ankara, 1995, ISBN 975-7291-06-4, p. 423.</ref> (1889-1971), officer of the Ottoman Army, politician and army officer of the Republic of Turkey
  • Dündar K?l?ç (1935–1999), mob boss
  • Lütfi K?rdar (1887-1961), Governor and Mayor of Istanbul, Minister of Health and Social Security
  • Vehbi Koç (1901–1996), entrepreneur and once Turkey’s wealthiest person
  • Behçet Necatigil (1916–1979), poet
  • Meral Okay (1959-2012), actress and screenwiter
  • Yaman Okay (1951-1993), actor
  • Ali Fethi Okyar (1880–1943), diplomat, politicani Prime minister and Speaker of the Parliament
  • Gündüz Tekin Onay (1942–2008), footballer and coach of Be?ikta? J.K.
  • Zeki Ökten (1941–2009), film director
  • Co?kun Özar? (1931–2011), footballer and national team coach
  • Halit Refi? (1934–2009), film director, film producer and screenwriter
  • Mehmet Sabanc? (1963–2004), businessman
  • Sak?p Sabanc? (1933–2004), entrepreneur and Turkey’s second richest man
  • Hasan Saka (1885–1960), politician and Prime minister
  •  ?ükrü Saraco?lu (1887–1953) Prime minister and president of Fenerbahçe S.K.
  • Türkan Saylan (1935–2009), Prof. Doctor, educator
  • Ömer Seyfettin (1884–1920), novelist
  • Ruhi Su (1912–1985), folk music singer
  • Kemal Sunal (1944–2000), film actor and comedian
  • Naim Talu (1919–1998), economist, banker, politician and Prime minister
  • Safiye Ayla Targan (1907-1998), female singer
  • Abdülhak Hâmid Tarhan (1852–1937), poet and playwright
  • Ahmet Kutsi Tecer (1901–1957), educator, poet and politician
  • Selçuk Uluergüven (1941–2014), theatre, film and television series actor
  • Nejat Uygur (1927-2013), actor, comedian
  • Hakk? Yeten (1910–1989), footballer and coach of Be?ikta? J.K.


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