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Template:Geobox ?eporyje is a cadastral area of Prague. Most of it belongs to the municipal district of the same name, the rest belonging to Prague 13. ?eporyje became part of Prague in 1974, before which it was recorded as a m?stys.

The district is situated on Dalejský potok and borders Prokopské údolí to the east. The western part of ?eporyje is an industrial area, marked by the visually prominent silo belonging to Soufflet Agro a.s. The district is served by Praha-?eporyje railway station, a passing point on the Praha - Rudná - Beroun railway line.

Global stratigraphic boundary

?eporyje is home of a global stratigraphic boundary for the Silurian. The base boundary for the P?ídolí epoch and stage is located in a quarry southwest of ?eporyje (Template:Coord).




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