1956 Monaco Grand Prix

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The 1956 Monaco Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race held on 13 May 1956 at Monaco. It was the second round of the 1956 World Drivers' Championship.

The Owen’s B.R.M. made their first appearance but after qualifying both cars were withdrawn due to engine valve problems. The other two non-starters were also teammates: the too slow Scarlatti and Chiron due to his engine blowing up in practice.

Moss, starting from the middle of the front row, took the lead at Gasworks on the first lap and led every lap. Fangio was not having a good day. He hit the straw bales on lap 2, causing Schell and Musso to retire when trying to avoid him, and on lap 32 he hit the harbour wall, bending a rear wheel. He turned the car over to Castellotti after the pit stop to fix the wheel. On lap 54 while second, Collins came in the pit and turned his car over to Fangio. He resumed in third and passed Behra for second on lap 70 but he was 47 seconds behind Moss. On lap 86 Perdisa’s brakes locked when being lapped by Moss, the resulting contact caused Moss’ bonnet to lift allowing Fangio to close the gap by two seconds each lap but Moss won with a 6 second cushion.


Pos No Driver Constructor Laps Time/Retired Grid Points
1 28 Template:Flagicon Stirling Moss Maserati 100 3:00:32.9 2 8
2 26 Template:Flagicon Peter Collins
Template:Flagicon Juan Manuel Fangio
Ferrari 100 +6.1 sec 9 3
3 30 Template:Flagicon Jean Behra Maserati 99 +1 Lap 4 4
4 20 Template:Flagicon Juan Manuel Fangio
Template:Flagicon Eugenio Castellotti
Ferrari 94 +6 Laps 1 0
5 6 Template:Flagicon Hermano da Silva Ramos Gordini 93 +7 Laps 14 2
6 4 Template:Flagicon Élie Bayol
Template:Flagicon André Pilette
Gordini 88 +12 Laps 11
7 32 Template:Flagicon Cesare Perdisa Maserati 86 +14 Laps 7
8 18 Template:Flagicon Horace Gould Maserati 85 +15 Laps 16
Ret 2 Template:Flagicon Robert Manzon Gordini 90 Accident 12
Ret 8 Template:Flagicon Louis Rosier Maserati 72 Engine 15
Ret 22 Template:Flagicon Eugenio Castellotti Ferrari 14 Clutch 3
Ret 14 Template:Flagicon Maurice Trintignant Vanwall 13 Overheating 6
Ret 16 Template:Flagicon Harry Schell Vanwall 2 Accident 5
Ret 24 Template:Flagicon Luigi Musso Ferrari 2 Accident 8
DNQ 36 Template:Flagicon Giorgio Scarlatti Ferrari
WD 10 Template:Flagicon Mike Hawthorn BRM Engine Valve
WD 12 Template:Flagicon Tony Brooks BRM Engine Valve
WD 34 Template:Flagicon Louis Chiron Maserati Blown Engine


  • Shared Drives:
    • Car #26: Peter Collins (54 laps) and Juan Manuel Fangio (46 laps). They shared the 6 points for second place (Fangio also scored an extra point for achieving fastest lap).
    • Car #20: Juan Manuel Fangio (40 laps) and Eugenio Castellotti (54 laps). Since Fangio received points for second, only Castellotti received the 1.5 points for the shared fourth.
    • Car #4: Élie Bayol (44 laps) and André Pilette (44 laps).
  • Grand Prix debut for: Tony Brooks and Giorgio Scarlatti.
  • Last Grand Prix appearance for: Élie Bayol
  • Career Firsts: Peter Collins and Hermano da Silva Ramos (points); Peter Collins (podium).
  • First time in Championship history with 2 English drivers on the podium.

Drivers' Championship standings after the race

Pos Driver Points
10px 1 Template:Flagicon Jean Behra 10
10px 2 Template:Flagicon Juan Manuel Fangio 9
10px 7 3 Template:Flagicon Stirling Moss 8
10px 1 4 Template:Flagicon Luigi Musso 4
10px 1 5 Template:Flagicon Mike Hawthorn 4
  • Note: Only the top five positions are included.

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