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thumb thumb thumb Adamovi?evo Naselje (Template:Lang-sr) is a quarter of the city of Novi Sad in the Serbian province of Vojvodina.


The northern border of Adamovi?evo Naselje is Futoška ulica (Futoška Street), the eastern borders are Ulica Vojvode Kni?anina (Vojvoda Kni?anin Street) and Ulica Kola srpskih sestara (Kolo srpskih sestara Street), the southern border is Bulevar cara Lazara (Boulevard of tzar Lazar), and the western border is Bulevar Evrope (Boulevard of Europe).

In other words, Adamovi?evo Naselje is located between Liman 4 in the south, Grbavica in the east, Telep in the west, and Sajmište with Provincial hospital in the north.


There are two schools in Adamovi?evo Naselje: Vasa Staji? elementary school, and April 7 secondary school of medicine.

This part of the city is mostly composed of private houses, but in recent time (circa from the year 2000), more tier buildings have been built, mostly on major artery, Cara Dušana Street.

The Institute for public health of Vojvodina (also known as "Higijenski zavod") and University of Novi Sad Institute for poplar research (Institut za topolarstvo) are situated within the neighborhood.

Due to its natural beauty and convenient location near Novi Sad's center, Adamovi?evo Naselje is home to some of the city's wealthiest families. It houses business headquarters and/or private homes of the owners of "Swisslion" (food and candy industry), "Matijevi?" (meat industry, "Aleksandar" (real-estate developers), "Rodi? MB" (retail company), etc.

In year 2006, "Suboti?ki bulevar" (Subotica Boulevard) was built. It is located in the place where railway tracks used to run through (space formerly occupied by Ulica Polgar Andraša (Polgar Andraš Street) and Ulica Novaka Radonji?a (Novak Radonji? Street)), on the western border of Adamovi?evo Naselje. Since completion of the new boulevard, many tier buildings were built in this area, with many more being under construction.


Its old name was Daranjijevo Naselje (Daranji Telep). In 1927, it was named Adamovi?evo Naselje after a famous Adamovi? family. Until 1944, name Adamovi?evo Naselje was used for both, present-day Adamovi?evo Naselje and present-day Telep, but since 1944, Telep is considered a separate neighborhood.


Seat of the local municipality "7. Juli" (which also includes some parts of Grbavica neighborhood) is located in Adamovi?evo Naselje, in Miše Dimitrijevi?a street.

Religious buildings

There are several religious buildings in the neighborhood:

  • Protestant theological college
  • Christian Baptist Church and Evangelic Church
  • Religious building of Protestant Christian Community
  • Jehovah's Witnesses prayer hall
  • Masjid of Islamic Religious Community
  • Franciscan monastery of Saint Ivan Kapistran
  • Uniate monastery

Public transportation

Lines 2, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 and 70 of municipal transportation company JGSP Novi Sad are going through or pass by Adamovi?evo naselje.

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