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Entrance to the museum inside the Gülhane Park

The Ahmet Hamdi Tanp?nar Literature Museum Library (Template:Lang-tr) is a literary museum and archive dedicated to Turkish literature and named after the Turkish novelist and essayist Ahmet Hamdi Tanp?nar (1901–1962). Located in Istanbul, Turkey, the museum was established by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and opened on November 12, 2011.<ref name="tz1"/><ref name="s1"/><ref name="hbr7"/><ref name="ktb"/>

The museum is housed in the two-storey Procession Kiosk (Template:Lang-tr), a 19th-century historic building on the outer walls of Gülhane Park that belongs to Topkap? Palace.<ref name="hbr7"/><ref name="ktb"/><ref name="hdn1"/><ref name="ek"/><ref name="tk"/> It was used by the Ottoman sultans to accept salute of janissary soldiers parading as well as a pleasure locale.<ref name="hdn1"/><ref name="tk"/> The building is situated across the Sublime Porte.<ref name="hdn1"/> It was used from the 1910s on as the center of the Fine Arts Association.<ref name="tk"/> From 1928 to the end 1930s, it served as a meeting place of an association dedicated to Turkish language and literature.<ref name="hdn1"/><ref name="ek"/><ref name="tk"/>

On the ground floor, there are two rooms and an entrance hall.<ref name="tk"/> The first floor houses the former throne room, in addition to two halls and three rooms.<ref name="tk"/> The ground floor is designed as a cafeteria,<ref name="hbr7"/> called the "Writers' Café", where prize-winning literary works are exhibited.<ref name="tz1"/><ref name="s1"/> Special corners on the upper floor are dedicated to the life and works of around 50 renowned authors native to Istanbul, with busts of some,<ref name="s1"/> including Nedîm (1681–1730), Yahya Kemal Beyatl? (1884–1958), Nâz?m Hikmet Ran (1902–1963), Necip Faz?l K?sakürek (1904–1983), Aziz Nesin (1915–1995), Orhan Pamuk (born 1952), Ay?e Kulin (born 1941), Zülfü Livaneli (born 1946) and Do?an H?zlan (born 1937) in addition to Tanp?nar.<ref name="tz1"/><ref name="hdn1"/><ref name="tk"/> It is also a place for discussions on various authors,<ref name="z1"/> poetry performances, literature award ceremonies, and writing workshops.<ref name="hdn1"/><ref name="ek"/> The library of the museum accommodates over 8,000 books, including about 1,000 books on Istanbul as well as volumes of more than 100 periodicals on literature and other fields of the arts.<ref name="tz1"/><ref name="s1"/><ref name="hbr7"/><ref name="hdn1"/><ref name="tk"/> The museum hosts also temporary art exhibitions.<ref name="tk"/> It is the fourth of its kind in Turkey after the literature museums in Ankara, Adana and Diyarbak?r.<ref name="tz1"/>

The museum library is accessible by the public transport line Tram T1 (Kabata?–Ba?c?lar), and is open on weekdays between 10:00 and 19:00 local time.<ref name="hdn1"/>

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