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The Albany Street Barracks, officially known as the Regent's Park Barracks, is a British Army barracks located on Albany Street, London, near Regent's Park.

The barracks were built in the early nineteenth century. From 1896 to 1969, the Royal Horse Guards were based there, which later became part of the Blues and Royals. With the formation of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment in 1991, the Blues and Royals moved to Hyde Park Barracks, Knightsbridge. Today it is the base of 20 Transport Squadron, Royal Logistic Corps, the Artists Rifles and The Regimental Headquarters of the Queen's Royal Hussars, as well as the charity "The Queen's Royal Hussars Collection Trust". In 1971 an anarchist group called The Angry Brigade bombed the barracks. One of the members was held here for a time. Over the top of the entrance there is the legend "Regents Park Barracks", but outside of officialdom, it is almost always referred to as the Albany Street Barracks.

In 1963 the barracks was home to 20 Company Royal Army Service Corps (later 20 Squadron Royal Corps of Transport), sometimes known as War Office Car Company. In fact the War Office Car Company was the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Company attached to the 20 Coy RASC to carry out all repairs and recovery of damaged or broken down vehicles.

Albany Street Barracks in popular culture

The music hall comedian Ida Barr, whose real name was Maud Barlow, was born in the barracks on 17 January 1882, the daughter of a sergeant-major in the Life Guards. In H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, there is a mention of it: "the sound of drumming and trumpeting came from the Albany Street Barracks".