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File:Allersee Pavillon.jpg
The Allersee lake and pavilion
File:Volkswagen Arena Wolfsburg.jpg
The Volkswagen Arena (west side) in the Aller Park

The Aller Park (Template:Lang-de) is a park in Wolfsburg in the German state of Lower Saxony. It lies between the districts of Nordstadt, Stadtmitte and Neuhaus/Reislingen.

In July 1958 the city council earmarked 9 million DM towards plans for the Allerpark and, on 26 March 1969, it gave the final approval for this large project.

The centre point of the Aller Park is its artificial lake, the Allersee. This lake is used in summer for swimming, sailing and much more besides. In addition the Aller Park is home to the ice palace the home venue for the local hockey team, EHC Wolfsburg, the BadeLand swimming pool, the Columbian pavilion from EXPO 2000 which has been turned into a restaurant, the Volkswagen Arena, which is home to the German football team, VfL Wolfsburg, and a large festival site. This site is multi-functional: each year in May a big Schützenfest and Volksfest is organised here by the Wolfsburg shooting club. Every month there is a large flea market in the Aller Park. In addition the land is used for circuses and trade shows.

For ten years an area of real parkland has been developed into a leisure park within the Aller Park.

The firm, Wolfsburg AG, and the city of Wolfsburg have been delivering projects in the Aller Park since 1998. Those already completed include: BadeLand, the Volkswagen Arena, the 2004 State Garden Show, a water skiing area and skateboarding park, the SoccaFive indoor football hall and projects to enhance the terrain with new ponds (like the Arena See) and vegetation. Several carparks have been created around the sport and leisure areas. A climbing garden is currently under construction (as at April 2009).

The world of experience is part of an ambitious project by Wolfsburg AG, to make Wolfsburg into an attractive economic, residential, working and tourist location. The Aller Park project in its entirety should be completed by no later than 2015.

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