Arco dei Gavi

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File:Arco Gavi.jpg
The Arco dei Gavi.

The Arco dei Gavi is an ancient structure in Verona, northern Italy. It was built by the gens Gavia, a noble Roman family who had their hometown in Verona, at the beginning of the Via Postumia, the Roman road leading to the city. During the Middle Ages it was used as a gate in the walls.


The arch was commissioned to architect L. Vitruvius Cerdo in the mid-1st century AD. In the Middle Ages, during the communal age of Verona, the city's council used it as an entrance gate when it was decided to surround Verona with a line of walls.

During the Napoleonic rule in Italy, the French engineers demolished it. Its ruins were moved to a square and then to the Arena. In 1932 they were used to rebuild the arch next to Castelvecchio, not far from its original location.