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Template:Infobox Deutsche Bahn station Aschaffenburg Hauptbahnhof is a railway station at Aschaffenburg in Germany. The station was built in 1854 by the Ludwigs-West-Bahn. It remained largely unchanged until destroyed in a 1944 air raid, after which it was rebuilt in the style typical for the 1950s.

In 1974, passenger service ended on the "Bachgaubahn" railway line between Aschaffenburg and Höchst (Odenwald), including service to nearby Großostheim. The route was replaced by bus service. In 1982, a train collision resulted in 76 injuries, but no fatalities. From 2004 to 2005, two platforms (tracks 5/6 & 7/8) were renovated and modernized to accommodate longer InterCityExpress trains. The underground passageway to the platforms was also renovated during this period. The remaining platform (tracks 3/4) was renovated soon after.

In 2008, a new regional bus terminal opened, adjacent to the station. The Regionale Omnibusbahnhof Aschaffenburg (ROB) was built to consolidate all of the scattered bus stops in the area around the main railway station into one central location and reduce traffic congestion in the area. In 2008, construction of a new station building began. On the 29th of January 2011, Aschaffenburg's 3rd hauptbahnhof to be built on the site officially opened. It's significantly larger than the previous structure and features a parking garage with a capacity of approximately 400 vehicles. It also features office space and increased retail space. Additionally, the underground passageway to the platforms was extended north to the district of Damm to improve station access for the residents of that district. On the northern side of the station unused tracks were removed to accommodate a new commercial development called Dammer Tor Carré. Completed in 2012, Dammer Tor Carré features several stores including an Edeka Stenger food market, a Toys "R" Us store, a fitness center, parking garage and office space. It's also the location of the northern portal of the newly extended underground passageway, with access to the train platforms, new main railway station and city-center.

The station has InterCityExpress and Intercity services as well as regional connections to neighbouring towns and cities. EuroNight trains to and from Vienna also serve Aschaffenburg Hauptbahnhof.

Railway routes serving Aschaffenburg Hauptbahnhof

Train Service Route Comments
(Line 41)
  Dortmund–Bochum–Essen–Duisburg–Düsseldorf–Cologne–Frankfurt (Main)–Aschaffenburg–Würzburg–Nuremberg–Munich Hourly service, except late night
(Line 91)
Frankfurt (Main) – Aschaffenburg – Würzburg – Nuremberg – Regensburg – Passau – Vienna 2 trains per day
Intercity (Passau) – Nuremberg – Aschaffenburg – Frankfurt (Main) – Mainz – Koblenz – Bonn – Cologne – Hagen – Dortmund – (Hamburg) Limited service
Interregio-Express Wertheim – Miltenberg – Aschaffenburg – Hanau 1x daily, Mo-Fr.
Regional-Express   Frankfurt (Main)–Hanau–Aschaffenburg–Heigenbrücken–Lohr–Gemünden–Würzburg Hourly service, except late night
Regional-Express   Aschaffenburg–Miltenberg–Wertheim–Lauda–Bad Mergentheim–Crailsheim Main Valley Railway, Tauber Valley Railway
Regionalbahn   Aschaffenburg–Babenhausen–Dieburg–Darmstadt–Mainz–Wiesbaden Rhine-Main Railway
Regionalbahn   Aschaffenburg–Hanau–Frankfurt (Main) Hourly service, except late night
Regionalbahn   Aschaffenburg–Obernburg-Elsenfeld–Miltenberg Main Valley Railway
Regionalbahn   Aschaffenburg–Hösbach–Laufach–Heigenbrücken Main-Spessart Railway