Aussichtsturm Schlossberg

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The Schlossbergturm or Castle Hill Tower is a 35 m high observation tower on Castle Hill Schlossberg on the edge of the historic Altstadt of Freiburg im Breisgau. It has 153 steps, its top is located 463 m above sea level and thus 185 m above the average altitude of the city (278 m). The tower which was built in 2002 stands out for its unusual design consisting of twisted tree trunks (Douglas-firs from the municipal forest of Freiburg) around a staircase made of steel. It has three platforms on the top is reached by a small spiral staircase.

The tower offers a panoramic view of Freiburg and its surroundings, whereas from other vantage points one can see only parts of the city.

It was funded in part by donations. For each donor a plaque with his or her name was attached to the vertical part of a step so that when climbing the tower one can read the names of the donors.

File:Freiburg Schlossbergturm Panorama 2010.jpg
180°-Panorama of Freiburg im Breisgau taken from Schlossbergturm

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