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File:Karte Quartier Seefeld.png
The quarter of Seefeld in Zürich.

Seefeld is a quarter in the district 8 of Zürich.

It was formerly a part of Riesbach municipality, which was incorporated into Zürich in 1893. The quarter has a population of 4,923 distributed on an area of 2.45 km²; 71.6% (1.76 km²) of the district's area belongs to Lake Zürich.

Points of interest

Touristical sights are the spacious parks and quays with various sculptures – including Heureka by Jean Tinguely and Sheep Piece by Henry Moore – the Chinese Garden, and the Le Corbusier dedicated Heidi Weber Museum. Other sights Suchard Museum and Bellerive Museum, the two Lidos (baths) Uto Quai and Tiefenbrunnen, the Botanical Garden (Weinegg quarter) of the University of Zürich, some old mansions and the Mühle Tiefenbrunnen, a former brewery and mill, now used as a cultural centre.

In Seefeld quarter, you can find an above-average number of delicatess and hairdress shops, and law firms. As a residential district, Seefeld quarter is very popular, but cheap apartments usually aren't available.


Public transport include Tiefenbrunnen railway station of the Zürich S-Bahn on lines S6 and S16 stopping there, and Stadelhofen railway station, one of the S-Bahn's nodal stations is nearby. For local use, Zürich tram routes 2 and 4, trolley bus line 33, bus lines 912 and 916 to the surrounding municipalities. ZSG station Zürichhorn is another public transport service.



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